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National Seminar 2023 on

Climate Change & Adaptation Planning: A Policy Framework

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National Seminar 2023

14th October 2023 (9 AM to 1 PM)

OSIB is going to arrange a national seminar on “Climate Change & Adaptation Planning: A Policy Framework”. On this seminar number of renowned researcher from different universities and expertise from different backgrounds as well as government officials will be invited to present their thoughts and experiences. This seminar will specially focus on students of undergraduates and graduates from all universities, institutions who have insides about climate change, climate change mitigation and coastal resilience. A special feature of this seminar will be participation of young students from school and college. They will be invited to present poster presentation on our them. Global Warming and Climate Change are become the most challenging issues and become crying need to formulate policy to face & adopt depending on social status for Bangladesh. OSIB is going to organize this program to discuss on the climate issue as well as its impact on the society, economics as well as geopolitics. As the issue is not local or regional, so we need to combine effort from all sectors to face the crisis. OSIB highly believes that student wing can play a massive role in climate adaptation. So, besides the other sector, we want more engagement of students from all over the country to face the global crisis and we should formulate a policy as a recommendation to face the challenge through this seminar.

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Key Dates

5 September 2023
Event Applications Launch

30 September 2023
Abstract Submission Deadline 

2 October 2023
Abstract Selection Notified

10 October 2023
Paper & Poster Submission Deadline 

12 October 2023
Participant Registration Deadline

14 October 2023


5 September 2023
Call for Applications Open.

Be Brave, Be Bold

Become a change maker

If you are a researcher, specially from the background of environment, climate science, oceanography, marine science, meteorology, water resource management, forestry, this seminar is for you.

Seminar Goals

  • Raise Awareness: Increase awareness among participants about the urgent need for climate change adaptation planning and the potential impacts of climate change on Bangladesh’s environment, economy, and society.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise among experts, policymakers, researchers, and practitioners in the field of climate change adaptation.
  • Policy Focus: Highlight the importance of robust policy frameworks in addressing climate change challenges and ensuring the resilience of communities and ecosystems.
  • Inspire Action: Motivate participants to take proactive measures, whether as individuals, organizations, or policymakers, to contribute to effective adaptation strategies
  • Promote Collaboration: Foster collaboration and networking among attendees from various sectors, including government, academia, NGOs, and private industry, to encourage joint efforts in tackling climate change.

Benefits & Rewards

  • Each registered participant will get “Participation Certificate” after participation.
  • Best three (3) poster presenter will receive certificate.
  • There will be lunch for individual registered participant.
  • Opportunity to networking with national leading professionals, scientist, policy maker.
  • Opporunity to present your institution in the national event.
  • Share you skills, knowledge to contribute developing national policy on Climate mitigation and resilience.


  1. Presenting scientific outcome of OSIB before the world.
  2. Giving opportunity to other students to present their research findings.
  3. Sharing knowledge among all stakeholders
  4. Formulating policy recommendation to the government.

Session details

  • Paper presentation (From Academicians, young researchers)
    • In this segment, esteemed academicians and young researchers will present their latest research findings and insights related to climate change, adaptation strategies, and policy frameworks. This session will provide a platform to share valuable knowledge and engage participants in thoughtful discussions. Total of 5 innovative research article will be presented in this segment.
  • Poster Presentation (Students from different institutions, clubs and organizations)
    • This interactive segment will feature students from various School, colleges, universities, clubs, and organizations presenting their research, projects, and ideas through posters. The posters will highlight innovative solutions, case studies, and awareness campaigns related to climate change adaptation and policy formulation. Total of 20 poster will be presented in this segment.
  • Policy Framework Discussion (5 teams for different policy fragment)
    • This dynamic session will involve breaking participants into teams, each focused on discussing a specific policy fragment related to climate change adaptation. Teams will collaborate to formulate recommendations, strategies, and action plans within their assigned policy area. This segment encourages active engagement and practical policy brainstorming.
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