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Welcome to SSCDR

At Center for Climate Studies and Disaster Resilience (CCSDR), our mission is clear: to drive innovation in climate studies and disaster resilience through rigorous research, education, and community engagement. We are determined to lead the way in creating a world that is better prepared and equipped to face the challenges of a rapidly changing climate and increasing disaster risks.

Center for Climate Studies and Disaster Resilience

Welcome to the Center for Climate Studies and Disaster Resilience (CCSDR), your dedicated hub for advancing climate research, disaster resilience, and sustainable solutions. As a research institute committed to tackling the challenges posed by climate change and disaster risks, we aim to empower individuals, communities, and organizations with the knowledge and tools to thrive in a changing world.

Our Vision

At CCSDR, we aspire to lead the way towards a world where the impacts of climate change are minimized, and communities are well-equipped to adapt and prosper.

Our Approach

Since its establishment, CCSDR has been actively involved in conducting research projects in Bangladesh, with a primary focus on studying climate change-related physical phenomena and assessing their effects on communities and livelihoods.

Our Objectives

  • Conduct pioneering research in climate science and disaster management.
  • Empower communities with knowledge and skills for disaster resilience.
  • Foster international partnerships for global climate action.
  • Promote sustainable policies and practices.

Areas of Specialization

  1. Examination of the Physical Aspects of Climate Change
  2. Evaluation of Climate Change Consequences on Environmental Aspects, Communities, Livelihoods, and More
  3. Climate Modeling Expertise
  4. Refining Climate Parameters from Extensive General Circulation Models through Downscaling

Our On Going Projects

Land acquisition

GIS Support to Land Acquisition and Resettlement

Developed a GIS based Information Management System which will provide assistance to Padma river bank community people.

River Bank Erosion Prediction

River Bank Erosion Prediction

Every year, the highly dynamic Jamuna, Padma and Lower Meghna rivers render thousands of people in Bangladesh landless by eroding large areas of floodplains. The researchers of CCSDR working to provide forecasting about the coming threats for the local people.

Multi-hazard Zone Maps for Community Risk Assessment

Multi-hazard Zone Maps for Community Risk Assessment

Community Risk Assessment (CRA) is a process of identification, assessment and analysis of hazard specific risks in different disaster prone area.

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