Ocean Science Institute of Bangladesh

Submit your research Proposal


  1. Must be a citizen of Bangladesh.
  2. At least Honors or equivalent pass (current students should have at least 2nd year results)


  1. All necessary documents must be submitted. Or fill out the prescribed form. (See the submission guideline section.)
  2. The project director will be determined by Nirmol Bangladesh, but the plan will also be accompanied by the name of the proposed PI/Co-PI. To be a project director yourself, you have to be appointed from Nirmol Bangladesh. In this case, you  should also mention your name in the proposed PI/Co-PI. To become a PI/Co-PI, proposed person should be relevant working experiences.
  3. After submitting the project, it will be selected in three phases. Preliminary selection According to the type of project within 30-90 working days of submitting the project, the presentation of the project plan is online or direct, and the final selection is within 30-90 working days of the presentation according to the type of project.
  4. Research projects already funded by other institutions will not be considered.
  5. If Nirmol Bangladesh has already received a grant from Bangladesh & final report and bill voucher remain pending, then the new application will not be considered.
  6. Guidelines for funding and implementation of research activities will be issued after initial selection.
  7. The applicant must be on the project team himself. However, the applicant is not obligated to apply as PI/Co-PI.


  1. See the full procedure.
  2. Download the project proposal template
  3. Download the project submission consent form. If you are submitting a proposal on behalf of any institution or organization, you have to fill it up and submit in the online form. 
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